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WasatchSIPs, your plans, our panels. SIPs are not just affordable but actually will save you money for years to come while helping to save the environment. SIPs use less lumber to manufacture. Our manufacturing process reduces scrap and waste on the job site. Our panels eliminate "thermal bridging" to achieve an R-40 insulation value thereby saving you on heating and cooling costs. "BASF study shows building with SIPs reduces framing construction labor by 55%. Sustainable buildings use less energy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and are better for the environment.

Energy Efficient                           Earth Friendly
                             Green Building

Save on Framing Labor                 Sustainable Building

If you have to cut in windows, doors, electric and frame in the foam, is it a panel? Is it structural? Still, others want to sell you eps foam with staggered studs. Great, they get the need for "thermal bridging" but you are still left reading the architect plans and framing every wall section. And the time consuming task of cutting in windows, doors, electric and channeling wire through foam. We install 4" square electrical boxes with 3/4" electrical conduit as indicated per plans.

Our 3rd generation SIP panels are truly structural. Their unique strength, 4x a conventional frame wall is a result of the manufacturing process where the polyurethane, injected as a liquid, bonds with the panel skins to form a panel that is similar to an I-beam. 


Is it strong? Polyurethane foam is used to raise sunken driveways and sidewalks.

Polyurethane foam will never lose density or shrink.

It's used to store boats on land.


3rd generation foam treated with a flame retardant that extinguishes fire rather than flaming like EPS foam. Polyurethane or PUR has a higher R-value per inch and does not degrade over time as EPS.












The biggest obstacles facing builders today are labor and lumber shortages. Often quite common to get a foundation in the ground only to learn your framing crew has subbed out to a higher bidder. WasatchSIPs solves both of those problems. Our success is our employees who work indoors in a controlled environment building your custom home. Stop wasting time figuring how to assemble someone else's foam blocks or where the windows, doors and electric needs to be? Melting and channeling out foam to fit with lumber for nailing flanges? Will the foam be bonded to the bucks?

Structural Insulated Panel. Like the name implies, structural. Insulated, flame protected PUR over EPS for higher R-value and a stronger bonded panel. Frankly, this clears the field down to a handful of suppliers.


Manufacturing PUR SIPs that arrive to your jobsite ready to install. Better press, better panel. Our 3rd gen manufacturing process sets us apart. Located just over the border in Wyoming we can guarantee quick and inexpensive delivery to the job site.


Give us a call and learn how WasatchSIPs can save you time and money and make that dream home a reality!

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